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“Stareslike” in English

Webpage Stareslike (“Old photos”) publishes old photos from Cerknica, Slovenia and its surroundings. Some articles are in English but unfortunately we are mostly writing in Slovenian. If you wish to get any information in English, you are very welcome to contact us on:

If you would like to contribute a photo or an article to be published on Stareslike, please read the following information. For more information, email us on
On pages Stareslike we publish photos that are:
  • Older than 1971
  • Somehow related to the wider area of Cerknica (Unec,  Rakek, Otave, Sv. Vid, Bloke, Loška dolina)
  • All borders of the photo should be visible
  • If possible, scan also the back of the photo
  • Resolution for the picture is 1200 ppi or the long side of the photo is desired to be 4000 dots or more
  • Resolution for the back of the photo is 300 ppi
  • Do not use any automatic processing at scanning (Auto Levels, White Ballance, compression…)

Include all available data about the photo such as:

  • Date or year the photo was taken
  • Photographer’s name
  • Place
  • Names of persons in the picture
  • Description of the event
  • Send the scanned file with available data  to  If we can get enough information and the picture is appropriate for Stareslike, we will write an article and publish it using our guidelines.
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  1. 4. 11. 2015 00:51

    So happy to find you! I will be following, it is so difficult to find anything Slovene! Thank you
    Kassie (Mom)

  2. Frederick Cimperman permalink
    3. 07. 2021 01:35

    Hope you go my comments re Cimperman photos of family 1920
    Need info re cimperman and Silovich homes on mt Slivinica

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